Redefining Desert Beauty

A bold statement that embodies the very essence of GVLandscaping. A mission statement for a new era in landscape design and maintenance.

Surrounded by some of the most spectacular and harsh desert in the southwest, Las Vegas was built contrastingly on the opulent greenery of the oasis, the beautiful shining gem in the Mojave. But the days of excess are sliding away, being replaced by sensibility and conservation that the harsh desert demands. The lush, over-watered, forced greenery is a thing of the past in Las Vegas. The desert demands a redefined beauty.

Las Vegas is home for GVLandscaping

More and more communities and commercial properties have converted to the ecoscape of the desert. Desert landscaping utilizes many of the same natural building blocks that keep the desert itself alive. Desert landscapers create spaces that are beautiful and functional, where life exists indoors and out.

Creating and maintaining the landscaping for desert properties takes skill and talent. The desert is considered to be a hard surface. Rain and flash flooding can change the look and shape of the land very quickly. The task of the landscaper is not only to maintain the property but to retain it. GVLandscaping sets the standards the other landscaping companies try to live up to.

Comprehensive Landscape Solutions for Community and Commercial Clients

GVLandscaping develops long-term relationships with their clients that are entirely based upon detail oriented service and superior customer satisfaction. From the office staff to the personnel in the field, GVLandscaping is the company that will deliver innovative landscape strategies that exceed client objectives every time. GVLandscaping stands out as the perfect community and commercial landscape solution.

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